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             South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Caring for Wildlife since 1988

   A mother opossum (Didelphis virginiana) was hit by a vehicle and brought to SPWRC on April 8, 2019. She had babies in her pouch at the time. Besides being bruised and sore, the mother opossum had sustained injuries to her jaw that required surgery.

Dr. Blaine Oden performed surgery to repair her jaw at his clinic. The babies were removed from her pouch prior to the surgery and stayed at SPWRC while mom was at the clinic.

Mom Opossum returned to the Wildlife Center and was reunited with her babies. The opossum family recuperated there and received lots of loving care and attention.

The family was released back into the wild on April 19. Thanks to Dr. Lane Preston for providing them a new home.

Check out the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s Facebook page for recent admissions and news about what is happening.